I now have a YouTube channel

Yesterday, I created a YouTube channel called ‘JWproductions’.

Here is the URL to my channel (make sure to subscribe to it):



Visiting The Vyne

Today I went to see an estate called ‘The Vyne’. It was very interesting. Firstly, I went to see a construction site, which I was very mildly interested in. And then I went to see the actual house itself, which I found quite fascinating. One of the interesting things that in the olden days you would not be as better off in a rich family than you might think. There will be an example in one of the photos.
Anyway, here are the photos:

In the construction site, there were LEGO action figures lying around.

Here is the whole construction site.

If you payed £5 you could draw on a slab of brick (using a sharpie). I drew a bad self-portrait of myself.

Do you notice that the right light looks liked it has a figure inside it.

This mirror was used to help spread light around the room.

When this girl was only 6 years old she was already assigned a boy whom she would marry. This was without ‘any’ permission from the girl and the boy.

Now those are a lot of bells, which alert the servants.