Fishbourne Palace

We went to a Roman Palace called Fishbourne Palace and we saw some mosaics. A long time ago a lot of the palace burnt down and there was some Central Heating being built and it never got finished. We even got to try some Roman food! There was bread, Cooked or stewed Apricot, lettuce and necterine with spices and mint and the Romans dipped the bread in Olive-Oil (instead of spreading butter or margarine).


This is a mosaic and these mosaics have been discovered by archeologists and often they don’t find the hole mosaic but they find part of it, but they still know what the whole mosaic would’ve looked like because of the pattern


3 thoughts on “Fishbourne Palace

  1. Hi Joe,

    Here is one from our town of St Albans. It sits on top of a hypocaust, which helps heat Roman houses (only for the very rich).–M%3A

    I would be happy to take you there to visit, if you come to visit us some time.

    Thanks for the blog post.


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