Forces in our solar system

You know what Gravity is, (right). Well we’re going to be talking about the Gravity on other planets on our Solar System. Did you know that if the sun didn’t have Gravity then all the planets would be drifting in a strait line instead of orbitng around the sun. The moon’s magneticfield is too week for a compass to work. The reason why Saturn (and Jupiter) have rings is because their Gravity/Mass is so strong that trillions of rocks get pulled into their orbit and from a distance it looks like a ring so that explains why Saturn (and Jupiter have a moon).Also on earth  volcanos buldge to where the moon is from the Earth. The moon also controlles the tide.


2 thoughts on “Forces in our solar system

  1. Joe, this is simply fantastic information. I have learned more about astronomy in your blog than in my school days! But I admit that I should go to museums more often, like you do, and learn so many interesting things. Please keep me posted!

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