Did you know you have a 2nd brain

Did you know that you have a 2nd brain. It’s called the gut brain, without the gut brain you wouldn’t fell hungry and you wouldn’t have cravings. Your gut brain and your head brain do communicate with each other and scientists have even discovered what things they do communicate although the Gut Brain isn’t as important as the head Brain. It’s amazing that your gut Brain has newons inside it, but the gut brain isn’t as powerful as the head brain, anyway I don’t think it needs to be more powerful than the head Brain because of what job the gut Brain does. I learnt this in the Science Museum (in London).


4 thoughts on “Did you know you have a 2nd brain

  1. Hey Guys, you may find what i am about to say interesting because it is aligned with the post Joe made. It turns out that we have a BRAIN in our HEAD HEART and GUT, Neuroscience has found that they all have the following things that allow us to call them brains – Large numbers of neurons and ganglia, including sensory neurons and motor neurons
    Neural cells with inter-neurons; neurons interconnecting in complex ways with other neurons
    Support cells and components such as glial cells, astrocytes, proteins, etc.
    A chemical warehouse of neurotransmitters (those found in the head brain are also found in the gut and heart brains)
    Able to mediate complex reflexes via an intrinsic nervous system (i.e. it doesn’t need the head brain to direct it, it functions even in the complete absence of the head brain)
    Functional attributes: perceiving/assimilating information, processing information, memory storage and access, neural plasticity and adaptiveness (i.e. the ability to ‘learn’) The head brain is responsible for Cognitive Perception
    Making meaning
    The heart brain is responsible for Emoting
    Relational Affect
    the gut brain is responsible for Identity
    Self Preservation
    Here is a video of a webinar i did on the topic recently https://youtu.be/Mn8mYRMAnK0 Regards Bill

  2. I didn’t know that, Joe. That’s interesting. Perhaps it explains why you want to eat things when you know you shouldn’t.

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