We have arrived in Barcelona

I have arrived in Barcelona. This my 3rd holiday in this summer holiday (because there was 1 holiday that I didn’t Blog about).I will try to post photos but i’m not 100% sure because my iPod-Touch sometimes crashes when I try to insert a picture. Today we’re going in the old quarter and the beach (in Barcelona) i’ll try to post photos if I can.


6 thoughts on “We have arrived in Barcelona

  1. Hi Joe, cool blog. I hope we can all hear more about your 3rd holiday of the summer – I’ll bet photos of the beach in Barcelona will look a whole lot warmer!!!

  2. Hi Joe, how wonderful that you are having a ‘proper’ summer holiday! I did like your photos of the beaches from your previous holidays but, being Italian, I would never swim in that water. Too cold for me. On the other hand, the beaches in Barcelona will be warm and very pleasant to swim in. Never mind the photos. Swim for England! And tell us all about it.

  3. Glad to hear you arrived safely. If posting photos doesn’t work you will have to describe things with words. Anyway, I look forward to whatever you manage to post. Xxx

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