Cosmo Caixa

I went to a Science Museum called Cosmo Caixa. There were some cool interactive things there about Global Warming and about population change and some other cool stuff. There was also an Imax Cinema that was about space, did you know that for GPS (Global Positioning System) at least 3 satelites are working together to Navegate you, even just to for example to find the nearest coffee shop and most satelites orbit more than once per day. There was also a rainforest exhibition and a thing about light.


2 thoughts on “Cosmo Caixa

  1. Hey Joe, that sounds really I there’s thing. You packed a lot of different subjects in didn’t you? When I was in Scotland I went out one night to look for shooting stars, and as well as seeing some of those you could also see satellites going over quite regularly in different directions.

    • Yes I think I did Pack in a lot of different subjects especially Science. It’s interesting that you saw some satelites (going in different directions) and some shooting stars I wish I could’ve saw them with you.

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