Beginner’s tutorial to Minecraft

Beginner’s tutorial to Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox game which has no specific set rules. Minecraft was first made in 2009 May but it’s official public release was in 2011. It’s phenomenon is to be known as the biggest Game phenomenon and on all platforms in Total it’s 100,000,000 registered Minecrafters.

Now let’s get moving on to how to play:

To get started first cut down a Tree Note: You can mine wood with your own hands. Then you can craft a Crafting Table which you can use to make more complex stuff because first you start of with getting a 2×2 crafting grid but now you have 3×3 crafting grid. Then you will be beginning to make tools and weapons to survive and the first thing you’ll probably craft is a pickaxe which is 2 sticks in the middle middle and the bottom middle and at the top 3 wood planks, cobblestone, iron and diamonds. To craft sticks you’ll need 2 wooden planks anywhere on the crafting grid. To craft a sword you’ll need 1 stick at the bottom middle and 2 wood planks, cobblestone etc at the middle middle and the top middle. You’ll need this sword to kill animals to get meat and to kill monsters at night and may appear in the day time as well (unless you’re on peaceful mode). Each day is 10 minutes long. There are quite a lot of monsters but I’ll tell you the basic mobs and the ones you should defend yourself from the most. First there’s the Zombie which aren’t very harmful unless there in large groups and burns in the day. Then there’s the Skeleton which uses a bow as it’s weapon and is a good idea to kill it with it’s own weapon but I like killing it with a sword and also burns in the day. Then there’s the Creeper which is very explosive and when it blows up it dies however. When struck by lightning it turns into a charged into a Charged Creeper which has 2x the explosion radius. Then there’s the Spider which can climb walls and can pounce on you so the best way to kill it is to have higher ground than the Spider or otherwise the Spider could pounce on you. Then there’s the Enderman which originally came from the End (a Dimension that you can get to through a portal).If you look at Endermen straight in the eye or if you attack him he’ll attack you; he can also teleport. The best way to defend yourself is to stand at a wall e.g cliff face and then the Endermen won’t teleport. I forgot to mention that it’s a good idea to build a shelter or a small home which has everything you need. It’s also a good idea to go mining to find ores. Please note that the more valuable material the pickaxe is made out of the more blocks or ores it can mine.

Minecraft Thanks for reading this tutorial. Feel free to discover more about Minecraft