Epic Photography

Here’s  some amazing photography I took at home hope you enjoy 🙂


Recently we put up some decorations and this it from the side. I did crop it because there wasn’t much to see. I also added a little filter.


I did edit this one to make it b&w to make look more interesting. I also changed the exposure so you could see it better.


This is a photo I took where on the right you can see a bit of my room and on the left you can see a bit of the hall. The way I took the door was very interesting because I took it from the side so you could see 2 door handles on either side. In real life you would see double.


This is the decorations from inside (as well as the first photo).


One thought on “Epic Photography

  1. These are really imaginative still life photos, Joe. It is very clever to take an ordinary subject and make us see it differently. The shapes look really interesting.

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