My Roman Presentation

For my homework I had to make a Roman poster. I made a presentation which is similar to a Poster. I even went to the London Museum to help me make my Poster. I originally created this presentation on an app called Pages and WordPress didn’t format it properly so this version isn’t as good as the original version.

Hope you enjoy :


The legend says that Rome was founded by Romulus. He ruled Rome very well until 753 BCE.

The Roman Empire was nowhere near as big as the British Empire (this was before the British Empire got into action). Despite the Roman Empire only reaching as far south as North Africa and as far North as Southern Scotland it was one of the biggest Empires at it’s time

Here’s a couple of links to videos showing the Roman Empire growing:

What was Britain like before the Romans invaded?

Simply it was basically some hills. It was more of like a quiet country village with loads of fields and grassland.

(Above) This is a reconstruction of what Britain would’ve looked like.

Central Heating

(Above) Roman Central heating worked very differently to modern Central heating. Instead of being in the form of a radiator it would go under the floors instead. There’s a Roman Palace called Fishbourne Palace in Sussex which used this kind of Central heating. Romans invented central heating.
Find out more about Fishbourne Palace here:

Roman London

How the Romans invaded?

In about 54 BCE Julius Caesar attacked some British tribes. Then 95 years later (AD 60) there was a rebellion controlled by a queen called Boudica and her tribe was called Iceni. She even started a fire because she hated them so much. However she got defeated. She did do very well however.

When the Romans abandoned Britain

Attacks by barbarians in AD 286 made the Romans abandon Britain so Britain became free from the Roman Empire. But 10 years later the Romans returned but they were finally free in 410. After the Romans then came the Saxons which means the Romans were here for about 4 centuries.

Roman coins

London was the first ever British Roman city to mint coins.

But how did they pay for the minting?

They would trade (e.g milk for the coins). But later when they were more coins they would obviously use coins.




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