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Here are some time lapses from Japan:


Japan- A final summary

I’m sorry I didn’t blog much in Japan. It was just so glitchy and I was quite busy. I’m now back home.

Here are some cool photos I took in Japan I really like (well sort of, at least the quite important ones)


These are some bullet trains!



This is in fact my new wallpaper on my Ipad- mini. This is a Rhododendron. I originly  took a photo of it but it was zoomed in so it was in lower resolution.


This is a picture I took of a golden Pavilion. It’s coated in gold and even the gutters are covered in the gold!


This is a close up of some cherry blossom.


This is a view from the Skytree. I wish the camera was sharper though.


This is me on the way back on the plane.