Japan- A final summary

I’m sorry I didn’t blog much in Japan. It was just so glitchy and I was quite busy. I’m now back home.

Here are some cool photos I took in Japan I really like (well sort of, at least the quite important ones)


These are some bullet trains!



This is in fact my new wallpaper on my Ipad- mini. This is a Rhododendron. I originly  took a photo of it but it was zoomed in so it was in lower resolution.


This is a picture I took of a golden Pavilion. It’s coated in gold and even the gutters are covered in the gold!


This is a close up of some cherry blossom.


This is a view from the Skytree. I wish the camera was sharper though.


This is me on the way back on the plane.


2 thoughts on “Japan- A final summary

  1. These are wonderful pictures Joe. I really like the cherry blossom and the Golden Pavilion pictures but they are all excellent. You look very tired on the plane home so I’ll bet you’re happy to be home. You’ll have lots of Japanese adventures to talk about and I’ve enjoyed reading about them very much.

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