Bees Collecting pollen

I uploaded another video to the 30 days of Wildlife challenge website. I’ve also got some good news and that news is that I’ve also uploaded it to YouTube so you can watch it:



Moonwalk illusion

You know that Conspiracy Theory that the moon landings were all filmed in a film studio- part of it is that they slowed the movie down so it would give the Illusion that there’s less gravity. Well I put it to the test to see if it could be true and it could be.


Improved Microphone Comparison

A few Posts ago I told everyone that I was going to use a new microphone. I also did a comparison.

Here’s an improved version where I’m saying the same words:




Obviously my voice sounds more crisp and less echoey than the Internal Microphone (in an iPad mini 2). But the Internal Microphone is still fine. One of the Disadvantages of the External Microphone is that you get more background noise. You might have noticed that in that Science experiment.