Colours and Vision- Natural History Museum Exhibition

Disclaimer: I am not trying to advertise this exhibit and this post is not sponsered by anybody.

Today I went to the Natural History Museum exhibit about colours and Vision. One of the interesting things I learnt was that colours are not just about looks and attraction but also about how tough something is.

Before I went into the exhibition itself. I took some photos of rocks. But they are more interesting than ordinary rocks:



Even though this rock is completely natural. It looks like a city.



Originally this rock had almost no use but now, the compound inside which is fluoride. It is often used in toothpaste and even water.


This rock is called “Blue John’. You can learn more about it here.


Depending on the perspective you are looking at the lights, they can look different colours.


Now let’s move onto the actual exhibition.



5 thoughts on “Colours and Vision- Natural History Museum Exhibition

  1. A very interesting blog post, Joe. I was very pleased to see the Blue John, with your link to the Wikipedia entry. I expect Anna told you about the family connection.

  2. Did you take these photos, Joe or upload them?
    They really are extraordinary.
    The coloured poles especially remind me of a gallery we saw in Paris

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