Fortune Teller

Today I made a Fortune Teller at school. Here it is:


3 thoughts on “Fortune Teller

  1. Will the Evil Satsuma get more votes than Hillary?
    Maybe? (He didn’t.) (Counting in American politics is not like normal counting.)

    Will Dave the Mouse come back?
    Probably yes. (I have seen some mouse poo in a cupboard.) (In EH6 not SW4.)

    Should I defrost my dad’s freezer by hosing it out with water?
    Maybe? (No.)

    I have to stop; I could do this all night 😉

    Was in Banff last night; Dunfermline tonight. How many km from AB45 1FD to KY12 0QJ?

    • I guess it is surprisingly accurate. This morning I asked the Fortune Teller if Trump will win the next election and it said ‘Maybe?’ as well. Sorry the reply has been so long, I didn’t see it.

  2. Oh Joe, this is awesome! I asked the cat if a specific thing will happen, which I want to happen, and it said “probably yes”. 🙂

    If you’d released this yesterday we could have been better prepared for the US election results. 😦

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