Rome- Seeing the largest Church with the biggest Dome

Yesterday, I went to see the largest Church with the largest Dome in the world! It is called St. Peters. I had to wait in a 3 hour long queue. Some people tried to jump the queue. Then some more people joined those people to look like they were together. Fortunately it did not work.

Also, You will see a statue- Did you know? A corrupt man in the 70s destroyed thenose of the statue in the 70s. Luckily it has been repaired.

You will also see a block of writing- That is a list of all of the popes which have died.

You will see a Dome which is the largest Dome in the world!

And you will see a giant fountain- It is called the Trevi fountain.


Rome- Forums, Church and Coliseum

Today I saw some landmarks. A guy tried to scam my father put funnily enough it did not work. I also saw someone taking a photo on his iPad and then a random guy snatched the person’s iPad. In Rome you got to he very careful with your valuables.

You may notice that I will have pictures of what’s called a Forum- A Forum is a place where people will have formal meetings or discussions.

Fun Fact: Emperor Nero built a Complex. He did this show off how powerful he was and to give some of the people living in slumps fresh air and water. Emperor Nero was not that popular.

Here are some of the Photos I took:

My new favourite (early) Christmas Present!!

Yesterday I got a few early Christmas Presents including a Fisheye Lens for Smartphones and Tablets

It made me think “why hasn’t anyone else done this”. After taking off the lens, the built-in lens looks like it’s a telephoto in comparison! However because the Fisheye lens isn’t physicaly connected to the main camera you have to manually adjust the lens from itself which can be a pain; if you do not do this your shots will look blurry. Annoyingly, flash does not work.

Sample shots:imageimage


This is an example of the artistic photography with a Fisheye lens.


Does the lens work on the Front-Facing Camera?

Yes it does. Here’s an example:


Yes it does.

Now here is a comparison:

Built-in Lens
Fisheye lens


All images taken with an iPad mini 2




Microwaving Marshmallows Science Experiment


First, the Marshmallows will sort of pop into a million pieces. I think this because it seems quite similar to eggs in my opinion. Then, those little pieces will burn to a crisp and then melt into liquid.

See the experiment in action:

Result/ Conclusion

The Marshmallows went dry,chewy and crispy. They went chewy because the marshmallows got dry because they gradually steamed up. I think my prediction was about 50% correct.