Microwaving Marshmallows Science Experiment


First, the Marshmallows will sort of pop into a million pieces. I think this because it seems quite similar to eggs in my opinion. Then, those little pieces will burn to a crisp and then melt into liquid.

See the experiment in action:

Result/ Conclusion

The Marshmallows went dry,chewy and crispy. They went chewy because the marshmallows got dry because they gradually steamed up. I think my prediction was about 50% correct.


4 thoughts on “Microwaving Marshmallows Science Experiment

  1. Just a quickie (am at work).

    Have you got a New Year’s resolution yet?
    I have. It’s 2560 x 1600. 😊

    (Try that joke with your grandfather when you see himat Xmas.)

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