My new favourite (early) Christmas Present!!

Yesterday I got a few early Christmas Presents including a Fisheye Lens for Smartphones and Tablets

It made me think “why hasn’t anyone else done this”. After taking off the lens, the built-in lens looks like it’s a telephoto in comparison! However because the Fisheye lens isn’t physicaly connected to the main camera you have to manually adjust the lens from itself which can be a pain; if you do not do this your shots will look blurry. Annoyingly, flash does not work.

Sample shots:imageimage


This is an example of the artistic photography with a Fisheye lens.


Does the lens work on the Front-Facing Camera?

Yes it does. Here’s an example:


Yes it does.

Now here is a comparison:

Built-in Lens
Fisheye lens


All images taken with an iPad mini 2





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