Going to the Chiswick Lantern Festival

Yesterday, I went to the Chiswick Lantern Festival to celebrate Chinese New Year. I think last year was better but overall I liked it.


Going to a Feminist Protest

I often don’t make my blog political however I think this was just a memorable and fun thing to. The thing is. When you protest (especially with other people) you feel powerful, together and even satisfied.

Protesting really does work.

Here is a film I made about the March:

Rome- I’m back

3 days ago I flew back from Rome. So here are (where) my thoughts:

In my opinion Rome is a better place for tourists than London (where I live) because I think Rome is more historically interesting. This because of things like the Collusium and St. Peter’s. 

But London is a better place to live in in my opinion. This is because London is a more economical city (but soon it might be less economical) however it is very expensive to buy a house in London.