Going to a Feminist Protest

I often don’t make my blog political however I think this was just a memorable and fun thing to. The thing is. When you protest (especially with other people) you feel powerful, together and even satisfied.

Protesting really does work.

Here is a film I made about the March:


9 thoughts on “Going to a Feminist Protest

  1. Thank you, Joe. I enjoyed your blog and am glad you found it interesting and enjoyable. I don’t think your blog was political, because you were not giving opinions on what it was about, just giving an objective report. Like a reporter, in fact. Well done.
    Love, Gma.

  2. It was lovely to meet you today and I enjoyed being your protest buddy. The film is such a good memory of such a good day. Deirdre x

  3. I was marching too Joe but didn’t see you because there were just so many people which was great. Everyone was united against Donald Trump and it was very good humoured. Some of the placards were quite funny!
    I enjoyed your video which told the story of your day
    Love Daddy

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