My trip to Oman

Before the movie I want to give you a bit of information:

There will be a time stamp (in British date format) to show which day of the holiday it is.

A big thanks to Godfrey Heaps for giving me information about the mosques,

This film was intended to be 22 minutes long.

Also, some of the footage is sped up or trimmed to not make the movie too long.


10 thoughts on “My trip to Oman

  1. Wow Joe, what a very cool film you’ve made. I’ve never been to Oman, it was great to get so much information from your commentary. That architect Godfrey Heaps seems pretty good doesn’t he?

  2. Blimey – that video was amazing, Joe. My dad lived in Oman for a decade, and I visited there lots. Your video brought back lots of great memories. Thanks so much!

  3. What a great film Joe. I loved it. I could relive the trip through your relaxed and informed commentary.
    It will help you remember the experience too. Really well done!
    Love Daddy

  4. Thank you for another amazing video of one of your adventures. The mosques were wonderful and you certainly know lots about mosques now, don’t you? Interesting to learn about how mosques are multi-purpose with so many things going on. I’m looking forward to sharing your next video adventure!

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