Going to Bletchley Park

Today I went to Bletchley Park. Bletchley Park is where people did codebraking in World War II and probably shortened the war by 2 years thus less people would have died.

This whole building was thanks to a person called Gordon Welchmen who went to Cambridge University and went to Sydney Sussex college. He was the person who started this. Later, he wrote a letter to Winston Churchill (the Prime Minister of England at that time) to gather people from privileged universities like Cambridge. These included people like Alan Turing. He would gather up more and more people until there were about 10,000 people codebreaking.

These codebrakers that he gathered signed a contract called the ‘Official Secrets Act. This meant, they couldn’t tell ANYONE what they were doing. Not even other codebreakers. It was 30 years later when the public first knew what they had done.

There was also a pond that would freeze in the winter and people would use it as an Ice Rink.


Alan Turing actual desk.


A real Enigma Machine.