Visiting The Vyne

Today I went to see an estate called ‘The Vyne’. It was very interesting. Firstly, I went to see a construction site, which I was very mildly interested in. And then I went to see the actual house itself, which I found quite fascinating. One of the interesting things that in the olden days you would not be as better off in a rich family than you might think. There will be an example in one of the photos.
Anyway, here are the photos:

In the construction site, there were LEGO action figures lying around.

Here is the whole construction site.

If you payed £5 you could draw on a slab of brick (using a sharpie). I drew a bad self-portrait of myself.

Do you notice that the right light looks liked it has a figure inside it.

This mirror was used to help spread light around the room.

When this girl was only 6 years old she was already assigned a boy whom she would marry. This was without ‘any’ permission from the girl and the boy.

Now those are a lot of bells, which alert the servants.


6 thoughts on “Visiting The Vyne

  1. I never ever remember my password for WordPress. Meh.
    Anyway, here is the best television advert for chocolate, ever. Using your skill and judgement, work out if it was a real gorilla 😉 (link below)
    Meanwhile the six-year-old girl looks very grumpy (understandable, she should grow up a bit and choose someone to fall in love with, not have it imposed on her by old people) and her hair looks very complicated. Major pain to sort that out in the morning. Short hair much easier.
    Like your brick selfie-portrait. Look like you were eating something. Were you?
    And was the Lego figure birdwatching?


  2. I enjoyed it all very much and love the fact that the roof tile with your name, self-portrait and today’s date will be used on the new roof, for someone else to find one day.
    Love, Gma.

  3. Great pictures. I like your self-portrait ;)! It can’t have been much fun being the child of someone rich if it meant being engaged to be married when you were only six years old. I wonder if after they married they lived happy ever after. What do you think?
    Love Deirdre

  4. Hi Joe. That does look like an interesting place. Looking at all those bells made me think about those hard working servants! Love Miranda

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