Today is the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone

This post was just posted at the exact time the iPhone was unveiled. Contrary to popular belief the iPhone was not the first touchscreen phone. There was a touchscreen phone about 20 years beforehand- it was called the IBM Simon.

Click here to learn more about the first iPhone


350th Anniversery of the great fire of London

On the 2nd September it was 350 years since the great fire of London started. Yesterday we went to the London Museum to go to a exhibition about the great fire of London. Before I dive straight into the photos I will tell you some stuff about the great fire of London.

The great fire started in a bakery.  They had already recovered from the plaque last year. Some children said they through fireballs inside which would start the fire; no one believed him, neither do I. Sadly the mayor didn’t take it seriously enough. The reason why we know about this event is because there were loads of diary entry’s and letters written about it. One of famous diary writers was Samual. Inside his diary he said he saw a cat which had its fur burned of who was still alive. He also hid his… Cheese.  They had to rebuild St. Pauls cathedral because it burned down! You can see what the original one looked like later. It ended on the 7th September 1666.

Here are the photos:


What St. Pauls cathedral looked originally.


What it would supposed to look like.



Dominos ready to fall over. See the last dominos falling before the photos.


The dominos are supposed to replicate the fire spreading.



Just after the last domino fell.




My blog’s first anniversary

From today I’ve been making blog posts for one year! When I first started this blog I was mostly using an iPod Touch 4. When I tried to upload photos to my blog it would often crash. So then I got an iPad mini 2 for christmas and it was a lot more faster. This is what I use to write my blog posts now. Several months later I changed my blog’s theme from Hexa (I think) to Zorin but I’m not sure if it was before or after I got my iPad mini.

So just for today I’m changing the theme to the old one. I would love to thank everyone for commenting and viewing my posts.