Today is the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone

This post was just posted at the exact time the iPhone was unveiled. Contrary to popular belief the iPhone was not the first touchscreen phone. There was a touchscreen phone about 20 years beforehand- it was called the IBM Simon.

Click here to learn more about the first iPhone


My new favourite (early) Christmas Present!!

Yesterday I got a few early Christmas Presents including a Fisheye Lens for Smartphones and Tablets

It made me think “why hasn’t anyone else done this”. After taking off the lens, the built-in lens looks like it’s a telephoto in comparison! However because the Fisheye lens isn’t physicaly connected to the main camera you have to manually adjust the lens from itself which can be a pain; if you do not do this your shots will look blurry. Annoyingly, flash does not work.

Sample shots:imageimage


This is an example of the artistic photography with a Fisheye lens.


Does the lens work on the Front-Facing Camera?

Yes it does. Here’s an example:


Yes it does.

Now here is a comparison:

Built-in Lens
Fisheye lens


All images taken with an iPad mini 2




Improved Microphone Comparison

A few Posts ago I told everyone that I was going to use a new microphone. I also did a comparison.

Here’s an improved version where I’m saying the same words:




Obviously my voice sounds more crisp and less echoey than the Internal Microphone (in an iPad mini 2). But the Internal Microphone is still fine. One of the Disadvantages of the External Microphone is that you get more background noise. You might have noticed that in that Science experiment.

Using a new Microphone


This is my new Microphone setup.

You probably saw a post about Gorilla Gardening- you also probably noticed I was recording the Voice Overs with a Mobile device. But from now on I will be using a proper Microphone so it’ll sound more professional. The only problem is that the Ipad thinks there are headphones connected so I get no sound unless I unplug an adapter which makes it compatible with my Ipad.

Here’s a Comparison:

Internal Microphone:


External Microphone: