Microwaving Marshmallows Science Experiment


First, the Marshmallows will sort of pop into a million pieces. I think this because it seems quite similar to eggs in my opinion. Then, those little pieces will burn to a crisp and then melt into liquid.

See the experiment in action:

Result/ Conclusion

The Marshmallows went dry,chewy and crispy. They went chewy because the marshmallows got dry because they gradually steamed up. I think my prediction was about 50% correct.


Foaming Fizz Science Experiment

Here’s an interesting Science experiment I did. It was suggested in a book. It’s also the 1st video on my blog to use the external microphone. I’m sorry if you hear any hissing that’s just me accidentally blowing into the Microphone.


This was edited using iMovie

Download for IOS here-

Lunar Eclipse/ Blood Moon

Oh no it’s the end of the world! Just joking! What this basically is that every 20-30 Years the ¬†earth’s shadow covers the full moon. The reason why the moon looks red is because our atmosphere bends the light so it looks red. We got up at about 3:00am BST to see it.

There’ll be another lunar eclipse in 2018 but most of Western Europe won’t see it. The next one that I’ll see will be in 2033. I hope you had good luck seeing it.

Sorry about the grainy Image. It's because this got taken on a Camera

Sorry about the grainy Image. It’s because this got taken on a Camera

Click here to find out more about the Lunar eclipse

Cosmo Caixa

I went to a Science Museum called Cosmo Caixa. There were some cool interactive things there about Global Warming and about population change and some other cool stuff. There was also an Imax Cinema that was about space, did you know that for GPS (Global Positioning System) at least 3 satelites are working together to Navegate you, even just to for example to find the nearest coffee shop and most satelites orbit more than once per day. There was also a rainforest exhibition and a thing about light.

Did you know you have a 2nd brain

Did you know that you have a 2nd brain. It’s called the gut brain, without the gut brain you wouldn’t fell hungry and you wouldn’t have cravings. Your gut brain and your head brain do communicate with each other and scientists have even discovered what things they do communicate although the Gut Brain isn’t as important as the head Brain. It’s amazing that your gut Brain has newons inside it, but the gut brain isn’t as powerful as the head brain, anyway I don’t think it needs to be more powerful than the head Brain because of what job the gut Brain does. I learnt this in the Science Museum (in London).