My blog’s first anniversary

From today I’ve been making blog posts for one year! When I first started this blog I was mostly using an iPod Touch 4. When I tried to upload photos to my blog it would often crash. So then I got an iPad mini 2 for christmas and it was a lot more faster. This is what I use to write my blog posts now. Several months later I changed my blog’s theme from Hexa (I think) to Zorin but I’m not sure if it was before or after I got my iPad mini.

So just for today I’m changing the theme to the old one. I would love to thank everyone for commenting and viewing my posts.


Rescuing Birds

Yesterday some birds were standing on the lawn all day so we decided to rescue them. I made a video about it. I do apologise if the audio cuts out. It’s because I used my iPad’s microphone to film the video. There’s some distortion which was in the video. I don’t know why.



Moonwalk illusion

You know that Conspiracy Theory that the moon landings were all filmed in a film studio- part of it is that they slowed the movie down so it would give the Illusion that there’s less gravity. Well I put it to the test to see if it could be true and it could be.


Using a new Microphone


This is my new Microphone setup.

You probably saw a post about Gorilla Gardening- you also probably noticed I was recording the Voice Overs with a Mobile device. But from now on I will be using a proper Microphone so it’ll sound more professional. The only problem is that the Ipad thinks there are headphones connected so I get no sound unless I unplug an adapter which makes it compatible with my Ipad.

Here’s a Comparison:

Internal Microphone:


External Microphone:





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It was very frosty today here are some  photos. I am actually quite surprised it was going to be this cold and frosty because in Britain we had the warmest Christmas in 100 Years!